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A John F Special favorite. Image

If you aren’t familiar with the band and the album title didn’t tip you off, Testify is a work of gospel music. It’s technically “sacred steel” music—gospel with a slather of the bluesy steel guitar (here, courtesy of the celestial Roosevelt Collier)—though it’s unmistakably religious. But whether or not the subject matter is to your taste, the music that it’s inspired here is something to behold. Along with a soulful showing by The Lee Boys, Evil Teen co-founder Warren Haynes and Jimmy Herring throw their talents into the mix on a few tracks, with Herring providing some searing licks on the title track “Testify” and Haynes lending his scruffy pipes to “I’m Not Tired.” Testify might not convert non-believers, but damn if it won’t get them dancing. Great album. John Specials give it five out of five stars.